Established in 2010, Megaology Chemical Company Ltd. has been developing specific electronic materials and derivative specific electronic components. We look forward to devoting 100% of our effort to researching and developing innovative products with high added- value in the future. Our company began our R&D process as soon as we began our operations. Through countless testing and evaluation, we have developed quality products...

ML Drill Lubricant Entry Board
The ML Drill Lubricant Entry Board is primarily used for drilling processes that involve the following 3 categories of printed circuit boards: 1. IC Carrier 2. HDI 3. Multilayer board (Information, communication, automotive electronics ... and so on)
ML Drill Lubricant Entry Board Passes RoHS Testing and Halogen and Heavy Metal Testing Test Report No : CE / 2013 / A3037 Date : 2013 / 10 / 24